I design websites to spark community growth and convert traffic into revenue. If you need a well-designed website that speaks to your business objectives, I can help.

I design websites.

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Here's a little about me and my career thus far: I entered the tech industry as an early employee at Yammer, a (then) small tech startup, in 2008. Having a creative background, I started my career doing copywriting and content strategy for high-touch marketing campaigns on the web. I quickly realized that the fastest way to get what I wrote and created onto the web, was to write the code myself. From there on, I taught myself to build websites and fell completely in love with HTML, CSS and front-end design. Since my first tech job, I've worked as the first employee and creative director of a venture capitalist backed startup, the first female developer and designer at GitHub, a collaborative platform for developers, and a designer and developer at a small digital consultancy.

In 2013, I founded Passion Projects: Technology's first all-woman talk series; designed to surface and celebrate the work of incredible women in the industry. I also speak at conferences and volunteer to teach (more) women to code. I became a full-time freelancer in 2014 and today I spend my time helping clients identify and realize their business goals with tools like web design and content strategy.